I'm been thinking about the metrics to measure to make a "Best Cities for Chess" list. Assume I'm going to call these cities as "Chess Ecosystems", what are some of the things that would indicate its health?

ex: Number of FIDE rated players, tournaments organized every year, coaches available, etc.

What will you add to this list ?

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The parameters I can think of:

Number of

  • Chess club members
  • FIDE rated players
  • FIDE titled players
  • Grandmasters
  • Female players
  • Tournaments
  • Seminars / lectures

I'm not sure how to convert these parameters into a final score, nevertheless I'm curious how the list of best chess cities would look like. I would expect Moscow to be clear number one (many resident grandmasters, many tournaments). I'm also wondering how good Saint-Louis would score.

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