On my old windows-pc I created a database of my games on fritz 11 which I then uploaded to googledrive. The database is a .cbh file. My old computer broke and I'd like to re-open this database. As I have a mac, I got my roommate to download chessbase reader and sent him the database, but when trying to open it the message appeared

"new-database.cbh is not a database".

Does anyone know why this might have happened? Can anyone suggest something?


The file might be corrupted or maybe the chess reader your friend got is broken. You could try using a different reader. You could also ask your friend to re-download the file in case there was some downloading error.

I just read this about converting .cbh to another format and apparently scidb can read .cbh. Maybe your friend could try using scidb to see if it opens in that.

Alternatively you might need to do something inside chessbase in which case I would not know what to recommend.


A .cbh file is not a complete database. A database in Chessbase format consists of multiple files.

To backup or transfer Chessbase databases between computers, you can either:

  1. Backup in Chessbase to a .cbv file
  2. Save games in portable PGN

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