I'm an intermediate player, and I practice chess tactics and play regularly. I'm looking for a good podcast or two to listen too during my day. I don't care if its a podcast that discusses chess news, tactics, or does analysis of games, I just need it to hold my attention for a while. Preferably something available on android or pc.


The Full English Breakfast by Stephen Gordon, Laurence Trent and Macauley Peterson was always fun. It has been discontinued 2 years ago but it might still be worth a look.


Not exactly what you may have asked for but sort of. Here the host interviews a celeb over a game of chess. http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b04njsks/episodes/downloads


Ben Johnson produces a weekly chess podcast called "The Perpetual Chess Podcast".

The format is roughly an hour long interview with a personality from the chess world. As well as top grandmasters he also interviews educators, writers, chess politicians and publishers.

Recent interviewees include GMs Irina Krush, David Navara, Josh Friedel and Paco Vallejo, author GM Genna Sosonko, co-founder of Chessbase Frederic Friedel and chess politicians running in the upcoming FIDE presidential elections GM Nigel Short and IM Malcolm Pein.


You can get a lot out of the Banter Blitz videos (served by YouTube) by Chess24. The link shows an example by GM Jan Gustafsson, but there are other masters offering similar material. Much of the content is free.

You said you weren't particular about the content, but you might find it interesting to know that these videos involve the master explaining what's going on during a blitz game they're playing, and what they're thinking while they play. As a result, you will get advice about openings, learn to spot the kinds of mistakes their opponents make, pick up some endgame theory, and even get some in-game commentary on tournaments, personalities, and history. A very enriching experience, overall.

I find the format where one game at a time is played, start-to-finish, more enriching than the simul display formats that are offered elsewhere, such as at ICC. For one thing, in the simul format the master is often playing as fast as possible, with very little time for talk. On the other hand, in the one-at-a-time format, the master can advise/warn/speculate/muse/babble during the opponent's think time. I find that the content is just richer with this format.


For those looking for Spanish podcasts:

  • El Rincón del Ajedrez, 30-40 minutes each, an interesting podcast focused on chess culture, with interviews, chess history, book reviews and so on with Manuel Azuaga. It used to be weekly, although lately it is done every 15 days (maybe summer holidays).

  • COOLtura de Ajedrez, another good podcast, 1 hour each, with chess news and some good interviews. Chess news are mainly about catalan chess, but major national and international tournaments are treated too.

  • Xarxa de Mat, another weekly 1 hour podcast very similar to COOLtura de Ajedrez, but in this case language is Catalan.

  • Thanks, these work perfectly as I speak Spanish. Two birds with one stone. – Lewis Smith Jul 23 '16 at 16:03

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