I am an active member of Chess.com. Now, I want a FIDE rating. Are there any possibilities that with reference to the Chess.com rating, I can get a FIDE rating? Since I am new to this please provide me a clear suggestion.

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    No. You have to play FIDE rated tournaments in order to get a rating. Jun 29, 2016 at 13:46

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It is not possible to get a FIDE rating based on Chess.com rating.

First you need to join the Fide Online Community, by registering there and then start playing to get your own rating here.


Chess.com is a private organization that is not affiliated with FIDE (the World Chess Federation). Also, Chess.com's ratings are based on online play (and so unofficial), whereas FIDE only rates official, over-the-board tournaments. So it is not possible to get a FIDE rating based on Chess.com rating.

You can get a FIDE rating by playing in a tournament that will get rated by FIDE.


You can get official FIDE rating for online play at https://arena.myfide.net/

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    IMHO this is more a comment to @overtheboard answer than an answer to the question
    – sharcashmo
    Jun 30, 2016 at 7:39

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