Stockfish 7 for Windows comes with 3 64-bit binaries:

  • stockfish 7 x64 bmi2.exe
  • stockfish 7 x64 popcnt.exe
  • stockfish 7 x64.exe

All 3 of them work on my system. Which one gives the best performance?


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Open a terminal/console. Run the stockfish program, if the engine crashes move to the next one.

Type bench for the working binaries, and pick the one with best nodes/second.

enter image description here

  • OK, and go with the one with lowest total time?
    – M.M
    Jun 10, 2016 at 1:45
  • 1
    @M.M The more nodes per second, the better.
    – SmallChess
    Jun 10, 2016 at 2:07
  • 2
    Empirical analysis is the best : )
    – ferit
    Sep 11, 2017 at 11:47

I think in general, the 'best' is x64_bmi2, then x64_popcnt, then x64 and x32 is 'worst'. That said, if your processor doesn't support bmi2 it won't run, etc. So pick the best one that doesn't crash.

To confirm this I ran the benchmarks given above.

On my PC (nodes/sec): stockfish_32: 1380872 stockfish_64: 1764951 stockfish_64_popcnt: 1813557 stockfish_64_bmi2: 1886284

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