In western chess, the Fool's mate and Scholar's mate are two well-known mates that take very few moves from the starting position. What would be the shogi equivalents to these, or more generally what are the fastest checkmates in shogi?


A very fast checkmate (6 moves) is described here:

1. P-7f P-8d 2. P-5f P-5d 3. R-5h S-4b 4. P-5e Px5e 5. Bx5e P-8e 6. Bx7c+ mate

position after above moves

apologies in advance for everyone who feels insulted because of the use of figurines instead of real Shogi pieces - I couldn't find another analysis board

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  1. P-2f 2. K-4b 3. P-2e 4. K-3b 5. P-2d 6. R-4b 7. Px2c+ Checkmate

The King is trapped by his own Rook on 4b. It's a bad idea to have the King and Rook close together or an early mate like this could happen in the worst case enter image description here

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