I don't know the veracity of this link, but it says the wunderkind Ilya Makoveev is disqualified for cheating. I could also see this as well. Is it true? What happened actually?

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    Could ppease make your quesrion more self-contained? Right now I have to look through two webpages and possible a video to find out what "this" means.
    – Jester
    May 26, 2016 at 5:28

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It's been 1 more month, yet I can't find anything new on Google (beyond your original post's links) to the same effect. I found only one related item, and it's speculation to the contrary (the speculation consists essentially of a CIA agent, a worm, and a chess engine).

I can't guarantee this, but I suspect the Makoveev-cheating story to be an internet rumor.

Speculation to the contrary:

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