I use Fritz8SE , which allows the following options :

  • You can let play two engines against each other a normal game.
  • You can setup a position and let one engine play out the position.

What I would like to do :

Setting up a position and then let play two engines against each other, ideally with different PLY's.

Does anyone know whether this is possible ? And if yes, how ?


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It’s also possible within Chessbase’s Fritz UI, you just save the desired sequence of moves as a database and then define that database as the opening database for the engine match.



Yes. Here's how:

  1. Download Arena Chess Engine GUI
  2. Ensure Athena has the Chess Engines you desire installed
  3. If not - Check Best Free Chess Engines
  4. Download Stockfish
  5. Download other desired Chess Engine
  6. Configure Chess Engines in Arena
  7. Load both Chess engines
  8. Set up position
  9. Example for setting up and conducting a tournament in Arena can be found here

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