Alexander Alekhine, the former World Chess Champion, came from a notable family in Russia. His father, Alexander Ivanovich, was apparently Privy Councilor to the Duma and a Marshal of the Nobility. Alekhine himself was imprisoned during the Revolution and narrowly avoided being executed. His brother Alexei, apparently survived as well, going on to be chess player and editor under the Soviets. What about the rest of his family? Did they survive the Revolution?

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According to the Italian Wikipedia his father, Aleksandr Ivanovič Alechin, died in 1917, (so probably because of the revolution) and his mother, Anes'ja Ivanovna Alechina, died in 1915 in a clinic for mental illness. Alehkine's life during the revolution is not well known. Kotov's Alekhine biography should be a valuable source.

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