Why did Bobby Fischer despise the U.S and why did he get exiled? Wasn't he America's hero at one point? I'm a big fan of his games.

  • a quick stroll through his wikiquote page reveals that maybe later in his life he wasn't all that stable Commented May 1, 2016 at 23:00

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It is not so much that Fischer got exiled as much as it was that he chose to exile himself (though yes, out of a certain necessity). He was indicted by a U.S. court for ignoring sanctions against Yugoslavia when playing his 1992 rematch against Spassky in that country, and so Fischer chose to avoid returning to the U.S. rather than face prosecution and a potential 10-year prison sentence. As to the various reasons he might have despised his home country, I won't speculate myself, but plenty has been written about Fischer's troubled later years elsewhere.

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