I just wanted to inquire about the biggest mistake or blunder by Boris Spassky In game no. 6 against Bobby Fischer.

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I am tempted to say "agreeing to continue the match after Fischer's protests!" which some argue was a key psychological defeat. If you're looking for specific moves that were mistakes, there are a few candidates. I haven't looked at all annotations, but have Kasparov's My Great Predecessors, vol 4 handy and looking over his notes, it would be either (notations and comments are his):

  1. ...d4? "This move, conceding the important c4-square, was rightly condemned by the commentators. 20. ...Nf6 really was better...but the most accurate solution was the continuation 20. ...c4"


  1. ...Rb8?! "The last critical moment."

The biggest was 36...Qe8. Other than that, 20...d4 and maybe 18...Qf8 could be called "weak" if not outright "blunder".

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