Do you know of any PGN/game viewer for Wordpress, which can be used to generate diagrams, and chess games?

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I'm the developer of dhtmlchess.com. I have created a plugin for Wordpress which is available at


It supports the [fen] and [pgn] tags, and also a [chess] tag for games stored in a database. It also comes with an online game editor which makes it possible to create, analyse and edit games online.

It also lets you import PGN games and have them stored in a database.

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There is a wordpress.org plug-in called RPB chessboard (hat tip to @GloriaVictus in the comments).

Installing the plug in allows PGN and FEN to be added using the [pgn] ... [/pgn] and [fen] ... [/fen] tags.

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There are a couple. The most popular is likely Embed Chessboard. The nice thing about it is that the tags are simply PGN references:

[pgn parameter=value ...]
... chess games in PGN format ...

So if you're already familiar with PGN, put it into your Wordpress page and the plugin detects it..

Would you share your Wordpress site URL in comments once complete?

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See this website here, and also a test.

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