It's been about 10 years since I played tournament chess regularly. My last rating was 1586 USCF, but it had been as high as 1717.

I recently decided to get back into playing chess, and am looking for some recommendations for a book or two on those openings as white. I've pretty much always played e4, starting the Giucco in high school and later the Bishop's opening/KGD, based on Soltis' Winning with e4. I'd prefer to be able to buy them on Amazon or the USCF site.

I would also be willing to buy a dvd or software that covers these openings.

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When I looked for a similar book, the best I could find is this somewhat dated work by Jan Pinski.

This newer book by Glenn Flear apparently contains 88 pages about the italian, Evan's gambit and two knights.

If you have played the Bishop's opening before maybe this is the book for you: It advocates going into the Italian game by 2.Bc4.


I don't know there's a book that covers all of those openings well. The Pinski book tries to but I don't think they do a good job.

My favorite book on the Evans is Harding's book.

The two knights can go in a lot of different directions so you might look into how you want to play it first.

The Giuoco Piano and modern bishop's opening may look similar but are very different. I don't know of any book that gives good coverage of both.

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