Is any chess software specifically for forced mates?

In particular, such software can only prune the search tree when it can prove
that the the move doesn't affect the existence of length of a forced mate.

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Chest UCI, which is Franz Huber's UCI-adapter for Heiner Marxen's problem solver Chest, is the obvious bet.


Joseph Ellis on talkchess has a modified Stockfish for mate solving.


1) Sync with latest SF. 
2) Move to full hash key. 
3) Increase max depth to 250. 
4) Improve mate detection. 


The archive includes the source and two very basic windows compiles.


The Github URL: https://github.com/jhellis3/Stockfish/tree/mate_finder

I never downloaded the archive and have no idea how good it is. I think it might worth a try as Joseph seemed to know what he was doing.


There are some specialised programs for solving all kinds of chess problems (like Chloe or Alybadix). They can also treat a Chess position as a problem and look for mates in there.

For more information, see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Software_for_handling_chess_problems

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