Which android app can:

  • Solve chess problems without internet connection as well.
  • Support manually edit board according to the problem.
  • Ideally this app should allow a person to step back on any move and also provide hints on the next move.

This app is for a person who is a novice in chess, so he could try to solve the problems from the book he reads.

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Did you try Droidfish ?

It runs stock Fish engine + you can edit positions.


There are several good options:

  • iChess - which is a Chess puzzles app and works without internet.

  • Analyze This - which can be used to set up a board position from the book and move back and forth, save and make a collection.

Disclaimer: I am the developer of the aforementioned Apps.

  • Chess OCR - is the best app which can make task easier of automatically scanning Chess board diagram from a book and transferring to above Chess Apps,

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