Is it possible that world's most famous and most popular chess server Playchess is not available in any desktop application for Mac OSX? It is possible to reach it through Deep Fritz for Windows, but what about the Mac users? I know there is a web-client, but frankly, it soo suxx it hurts to even see it, let alone try and use it. Also, I have tried e-mailing them at [email protected] regarding this issue, but the e-mail is broken! They can't even receive an e-mail. So much from a customer support. Is anyone else confronted with this problem, and what is the right way to fight it?

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Sadly, yes. There were times I installed Windows just because of playchess.com doesn't support other operation systems. Your options are:

  1. Installing Windows
    • with boot camp
    • in a virtual machine
  2. Installing a compability layer
    • Wine (free)
    • Crossover (commercial)

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It's annoying, Chessbase abandoned the Mac sometime ago.

However their web based client works reasonably well as long as you're not playing bullet games:


I'm guessing they're hedging their bets on migrating to web based services so I doubt we'll ever see a Mac client.

The other alternative is using the Windows client through something like Parallels.

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