I have always wanted to start coding a simple chess engine. I do have basic understanding about the general architecture of such a program, but I would love to see some examples first. Anyone have tried his hand in coding a chess engine? can you guys suggest good online resource that is clear and organized about how to start such a project?



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There are some very basic chess engines which are very instructive for a beginner chess programmer. The list can be found here. This page is also has a lot of useful resources about chess programming, I recommend you to take your time reading articles on this site.


I recommend the TSCP chess engine. The implementation is a plain alpha-beta with no optimisation, thus it'll be easy for you to study. Furthermore, the board representation is array-based (stronger engines usually use bitboard), so it shouldn't be a very challenging task for you to go through the move generation code.


Chess programming wiki has good resources. https://www.chessprogramming.org/Recommended_Reading


This engine was created just with the idea of being of help to beginners on the chess engines coding world:


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