So I got a big scid database and ScidvsMac. I would like to convert the complete database into a pgn database. So far I have only found out how to convert single games into pgn, something I'm not keen on doing a million times.

So how do you do this with scid? And if scid doesn't have this functionality, is it possible to maybe do it game by game via command line?

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Go to the Tools menu and somewhere down you will find under the option Export Current Game the option Export All Filter Games. In this sub-menu there is the option to export them as PGN.

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    Thanks! I just found out myself ;-) One thing to add maybe: When you open a database the filter is set to the complete database, but if you have done a search you may have to reset it under Search -> Reset Filter to actually convert the complete database. Dec 17, 2015 at 14:46

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