What are some major differences of doing tactics training using chesstempo or CT-Art?

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The answer to the title question is "No, they're both excellent for tactics training and are good at different things."

Chess Tempo:

  • problems are a random selection of positions taken from actual games (chosen by computer to be good chess problems)
  • over 100,000 problems and growing
  • problems are served to you based on your rating
  • no extra didactic material, but you can read other users' comments and discussions on the problems, and look at computer-evaluated variations
  • free for basic usage, costs money for some extra features
  • online only (it's a website)


  • a specifically designed course with many composed problems (and some based on real games), so it is explicitly trying to teach you certain subjects
  • a fixed number of problems (thousands)
  • you just go through the courses in order
  • occasional didactic feedback asking you to demonstrate simpler patterns that can be put together to form the desired combinations, but no English discussion
  • costs money
  • can be used offline (it's an app)


This article outlines the various possibilities for training tactics that are offered by the ChessTempo.com website. For all I know, this is unique in the world. The full richness of the features described there requires a paid membership.

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