I am looking to practice endgames against a computer by having a decent number (lets say 500+) of positions loaded into a database. Currently I am taking positions from various endgame books as well as positions found online and inputting them one by one. I am wondering if such a database already exists online. I want to be able to load a random endgame position from this database, and be able to quickly play against the computer.

If there are good, free online resources to do this I would be happy to hear them as well. I know Chess Tempo has endgame practice but I don't like that I can only do 2 positions a day.

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Chessgym allows you to train a number of positions, without registration or a daily limit.

  • Nice website. A little slow to respond, but looks good!
    – mojo1mojo2
    Dec 5, 2015 at 1:17

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