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Top new questions this week:

Is 1...d5 ever a bad move?

I notice that as Black, I virtually always play d5 as my first move. It's usually in response to 1. e4 (Scandinavian Defense) or 1. d4 (Queen's Pawn Game). As a hypothetical, if I premoved 1... d5, ...

asked by Steve Bennett 13 votes
answered by Akavall 20 votes

Can luck be used as a strategy in chess?

Consider below games where white looses a clean rook quite early in the opening but fights on hoping that they will be lucky and escape. Lucky enough, they escape and win the clearly lost game. [Event ...

analysis strategy  
asked by Owen Kelvin 12 votes
answered by QueensKnight 22 votes

Does taking tranquilizers count as cheating in chess?

In the second episode of The Queen's Gambit, from Wikipedia's summary: After her overdose, Beth is forbidden to play chess. Time passes and Beth is adopted as a teenager by suburban couple Alma and ...

rules cheating film  
asked by Allure 9 votes
answered by D M 19 votes

What is this trap in QGD?

I recently watched an Eric Rosen video where he showcased a trap in the QGD. I do not remember what the trap was called. Here are the moves. [FEN ""] 1. d4 d5 2. c4 e6 3. Nc3 Nf6 4. Bg5 ...

queens-gambit trap  
asked by fartgeek 8 votes
answered by ericw31415 8 votes

Mismatch between my puzzle rating and game rating on

On, I recently passed 2000 in the puzzle section. However, in 10 minute games, I can't reach 1600. How do I bridge that gap and increase my game score? Is 10 minutes maybe too short of a ...

rating online-chess puzzles  
asked by Marsellus Wallace 6 votes
answered by jf328 12 votes

Is an arbiter allowed to leave the playing hall while some games haven't finished yet?

I've observed the arbiter responsible for the category I'm playing often leaves the playing lobby to smoke or drink/buy coffee/water in a nearby shop. Those "breaks" are quite long. What ...

rules tournament fide arbiters  
asked by double-beep 6 votes
answered by Brian Towers 6 votes

How does competitive chess affect players' mental health?

I suppose that participation in international open tournaments has a positive mental effect on most amateur players. As for the professionals involved, if they have other sources of income and also ...

asked by Labory 3 votes
answered by Brian Towers 0 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Is the number of possible chess games infinite?

This question is somewhat related to Can the total number of possible wins/draws/losses be calculated?, but slightly different. There is a recent TV show episode that claims that there are "more ...

theory statistics game-complexity  
asked by landroni 17 votes
answered by Fate 20 votes

What are the actions one can do against players who stop moving when they are in an objectively losing position and refuse to resign?

One of my opponents at just stopped moving after falling into objectively losing position, refused to resign, and made me wait for 20 minutes to claim a win by time. I've recently resumed ...

online-chess etiquette  
asked by gdrt 38 votes
answered by itub 38 votes

Why does Stockfish recommend this bishop exchange early on?

When reviewing my games on Lichess, I very often find the Lichess engine recommending to me to sacrifice the bishop early on after checking the enemy king. I have created a sample game where you can ...

opening analysis bishops lichess exchange  
asked by Xatenev 7 votes
answered by SmallChess 12 votes

Good openings for a beginner (for white)

I am a beginner in chess and I like to play some of my friends who are basically at the same level. Usually who wins is based on who makes that one amazing (and lucky) move and quite frankly I want to ...

opening beginner  
asked by OmnipresentAbsence 37 votes
answered by dogs10099 17 votes

What's a good way to learn opening theory?

I'm a hobbyist chess player and usually play online. While I've seen thousands of great chess games and win a fair number of games online, the one thing that I have struggle with is studying openings. ...

opening study  
asked by Sean Bernardino 31 votes
answered by Tony Ennis 15 votes

A position with the only legal move resulting in checkmate

Theoretically, is it possible that for some position, the only legal move for a side leads to a checkmate (that is, the opposite king gets checkmated)? If so, has this ever occurred in a real game?

checkmate famous-games  
asked by HPP_00 16 votes
answered by Kostya_I 31 votes

With only the King left, how can you get a draw?

Let's say I have only the King left. I've read several rules and posts of people saying there is a limit to the number of moves your opponent has to check mate you in, but there are some ...

rules kings draw  
asked by Charles Menguy 19 votes
answered by Tom Au 20 votes

Can you answer this question?

An EXPANDED New Year's Math Riddle

Happy New Year! This puzzle is an extension of Rewan Demontay's New Year Math Riddle, but it's sufficiently different that I think it's worth posing as a more boggling question in its own right. The ...

mathematics threefold-repetition 50-move-rule 75-move-rule fivefold-repetition  
asked by Laska 2 votes
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