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Top new questions this week:

What are pros and cons around banning castling?

Vladimir Kramnik has proposed on that castling be banned for the good of the game. What are the kinds of objective points that might be made for & against this idea? Based on these, do ...

opening strategy rules fide castling  
asked by Laska 37 votes
answered by PhishMaster 22 votes

Where to start with a child learning chess?

From here: What is the best age to learn chess? it seems that consensus is that that kids can start learning chess at almost any age. From around 5 years old they are big enough to learn the names ...

learning puzzles teaching  
asked by Thomas 15 votes
answered by Brian Towers 11 votes

Was playing with both hands ever allowed in chess?

I was watching this video on Youtube of an Armageddon game between Vladimir Kramnik and Garry Kasparov which happened in 1995. It can be seen that Kasparov is using both of his hands for some moves. ...

rules history fide otb-chess  
asked by srk_cb 10 votes
answered by Brian Towers 18 votes

Uniquely Satisfying Puzzle

Here is a fun puzzle I found some time ago. It was created by Karl Fabel in 1952 and published in R├Ątselstunde. Goal [title "White to move and NOT checkmate in one!"] [fen ...

puzzles logic  
asked by lbragile 7 votes
answered by PhishMaster 7 votes

Looking for tips on memorizing positions

After watching a series of ChessBase India videos on YouTube, it is clear that GM's can easily remember 100s (possibly 1000's) of positions. Look at this one example by Vidit Gujrathi: ...

asked by Ram Narasimhan 6 votes
answered by PhishMaster 10 votes

Is it possible to reach master level without studying theory?

Wikipedia page for GM Granda from Peru says: Julio Granda does not study opening theory. He has said that he has only read a chess book, the third volume of the General Chess Treaty of Roberto ...

grandmaster study  
asked by Universal_learner 6 votes
answered by fred 6 votes

Useful solving composed mate-in-2 problems?

I'm solving mate-in-2 puzzles from the Polgar 5334 problems book. Many of these are composed problems, and are hard (for me) to solve. Often I have to spend 10-15 minutes before finding the ...

asked by Msiipola 6 votes
answered by PhishMaster 3 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Is chess a sport? If yes, then why?

Sometimes (e.g. at some schools) chess is considered to be a sport. Is chess a sport? I view sport as a physical activity. For instance, if a doctor asks you "Are you doing any sports?" would your ...

history terminology  
asked by otisonoza 12 votes
answered by firtydank 11 votes

How do you keep chess fun when your opponent constantly beats you?

How do you keep chess fun when the only person that wants to play against you beats you all the time? I am struggling to want to keep playing, because I get smashed all the time, and it is not fun ...

learning psychology etiquette  
asked by Tina Dolcetti 37 votes
answered by CognisMantis 36 votes

What openings are good for the repertoire of a tactical player?

I'm preparing an opening repertoire for a small "open tournament" that will take place in a few weeks. I think I'm quite decent at tactical play, and I like situations that give me the initiative - ...

asked by javatutorial 30 votes
answered by Andrew 27 votes

Is there a good program to play chess online in ubuntu?

I really missed playing chess with someone who know how to play, I am looking for a good program to play chess online from ubuntu computer. Any Ideas?

asked by Ahmad_Amin 7 votes
answered by NoseKnowsAll 27 votes

Very Aggressive Openings

One of my favorite openings is the King's Gambit. It is extremely aggressive, and makes for a sharp tactical game without sacrificing too much material. It isn't played at the highest level at ...

opening aggressive-play  
asked by EPN 141 votes
answered by BlueRaja - Danny Pflughoeft 95 votes

Is it improper etiquette to ask your opponent what his/her rating is before the game?

Suppose you're playing in a tournament. For the purpose of filling up your scoresheet, is it improper etiquette to ask your opponent what his/her rating is before the game?

tournament etiquette  
asked by Thomas 14 votes
answered by Tommiie 27 votes

Why is the centre of the board considered important in chess?

Yes, we have all heard phrases like 'control the centre'. I would like to know the concrete reason why the centre of the board - in particular the 4 squares - e4, e5, d4, d5, are considered important ...

asked by guru 12 votes
answered by Wes 15 votes
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