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Top new questions this week:

Where can one find a complete chess curriculum?

Has anyone ever produced a complete chess curriculum? E.g., with textbooks, learning objectives, comprehensive syllabus, test bank, quizzes, etc.

learning training  
asked by Wassim Saeed Score of 16
answered by Brian Towers Score of 17

Game in James Bond film "From Russia with love"

The beginning of the James Bond film From Russia with love (1963) portrays the end of a game between the fictional characters Kronsteen (Czechoslovakia) and Macadams (Canada) in the last and decisive ...

asked by lodebari Score of 14
answered by lodebari Score of 24

What does it mean when stockfish evaluates a move as an inaccuracy after previously thinking it was the best move?

I stumbled onto this position from a game posted on reddit. Stockfish gives the best move as cxd4, which it evaluates as +2. If you play cxd4, it then says cxd4 was an inaccuracy (only being +1), and ...

engines stockfish  
asked by Taw Score of 8
answered by NoseKnowsAll Score of 13

What do you do when an opponent asks for a score sheet after a game in which recording is not compulsory?

I wish to know how to handle a certain situation regarding chess etiquette. Consider the following: I went for an OTB tournament recently - rapid 15 + 10 time control. Organizers stated that recording ...

rules fide tournament etiquette  
asked by Accomplished_Bobcat4 Score of 6
answered by Brian Towers Score of 7

Is there a way to figure out what the average number of moves would be if all games were played to completion?

Is there a way to figure out the average number of moves of a game? Looking at games on record, it is 40 or so. OK, but what about in pure chess sense? For instance, I was looking at game in which one ...

asked by comic4relief Score of 6
answered by Brian Towers Score of 17

Is there such a thing as a criterion-based diploma or certification in chess skills?

The vast majority of chess titles today are fundamentally competitive. To be a "master" of any kind according to bodies like FIDE is defined in terms of being able to beat others rather than ...

learning training titles  
asked by Robert Columbia Score of 3
answered by Wassim Saeed Score of 0

FIDE 2022 Presidential Elections - Runners and Riders?

There is a 4 year FIDE election cycle and with Dvorkovich elected in 2018 everybody knew there would be an election this year. With both the 2022 Olympiad and FIDE Congress due to be held in Russia ...

asked by Brian Towers Score of 3
answered by Brian Towers Score of 3

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Why is the king powerless and the queen powerful?

Historically, real kings were powerful (Alexander the Great, Napoleon Bonaparte etc.) and women were powerless. The game of chess began in Asia, some say, and the women were definitely powerless there....

rules history queens kings  
asked by Lynob Score of 20
answered by Tony Ennis Score of 20

What stops me from pumping up my rating by playing a 200 game match against a much weaker (>400 point difference) player?

This question is inspired by this extract from a question about minimum rating gain: One of the top 10 players in the world (say Magnus Carlsen), wants to increase his rating to 3000. He has a good ...

rules fide rating titles  
asked by Brian Towers Score of 17
answered by Peteris Score of 12

What happens after two kings stay on the board?

A lot of times my sibling and I have played chess and have ended up with just two kings. We have never known what would happen next. Two kings on the board would somehow result in an infinite game, as ...

rules endgame draw kings dead-position  
asked by Veo Score of 12
answered by Ray Score of 14

Are there mobile chess tutoring/training apps for Android or iPhone?

I'm looking for a Chess tutoring/teaching app that I can dip in and out of on my phone. At the moment I use Shredder Chess to practice when on the move (which basically involves repeating the puzzles ...

software training  
asked by Totero Score of 34
answered by AAP Score of 18

With only the King left, how can you get a draw?

Let's say I have only the King left. I've read several rules and posts of people saying there is a limit to the number of moves your opponent has to check mate you in, but there are some ...

rules kings draw  
asked by Charles Menguy Score of 20
answered by Tom Au Score of 20

What happens if you touch a piece that cannot move?

I heard that in formal games you have to move the piece that you touch first. What if the piece cannot move, as in there are no legal moves that involve that piece? What would happen in that ...

asked by user30315 Score of 24
answered by d4zed Score of 29

What are the average Elo and USCF ratings?

I'm not sure if there exists an average, but what could be considered an average rating range in these systems?

rating elo uscf  
asked by chubbycantorset Score of 14
answered by Andrew Score of 18
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