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Top new questions this week:

Why do chess puzzles need a unique solution?

Why do chess puzzles need a unique solution? This is different from real games, where such situations do occur, but more frequently, there are multiple avenues to success. Contrary to what one might ...

problems tactics training puzzles  
user avatar asked by Hauptideal Score of 17
user avatar answered by Laska Score of 11

How often do Super GMs achieve 100% engine correlation?

There has been speculation that anomalous values of a correlation metric1 may hint to the use of outside assistance. Example Examination of Hans Niemann vs Matthieu Cornette surprises: Hikaru Nakamura:...

user avatar asked by stevec Score of 9
user avatar answered by Brian Towers Score of 3

Cheating Protocols

Does FIDE (or any national federations) have any set protocols regarding detection of cheating? Or maybe a formal process for adjudicating suspicion? From what I can tell, the arbiter at St. Louis ...

rules fide cheating  
user avatar asked by rougon Score of 3

Is it possible to obtain the GM title directly without going through norm process in 2022?

I have seen people get direct GM titles especially in Zonal tournaments. Here for an example achieved the GM title after winning the 2016 African Chess Championship. Wikipedia page for the Grandmaster ...

fide tournament elo grandmaster titles  
user avatar asked by cmgchess Score of 3
user avatar answered by Brian Towers Score of 2

What is going on with FIDE's latest rapid and blitz ratings? Some players are more than 500 points higher in one month!

It's the last day of September and the provisional rating list for October has been released. There are some very strange ratings changes in that ratings list. Sri Lankan IM MLST De Silva played no ...

fide rating blitz rapid  
user avatar asked by Brian Towers Score of 2
user avatar answered by Brian Towers Score of 1

What is the best Chess Engine to practice latter Middlegame and Early Endgame

I have taken a break from chess for while now, and I am hoping to make a comeback soon. I want to brush up on my latter Middlegame and Early Endgame. I want to start by analyzing recent GM games. What ...

engines analysis endgame strategy software  
user avatar asked by L_Jay Score of 1
user avatar answered by Beginner Score of 1

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

An aggressive opening for Black against 1. e4

I am a novice at chess. I am around 1400-1600 chess rating. I have struggled to find any sound aggressive openings for black against E4. As white I play the Scotch Gambit which I have great success ...

opening theory 1.e4  
user avatar asked by Stash Score of 14
user avatar answered by RemcoGerlich Score of 14

Opening tree graph

I found this tree and found it an excellent visualisation: Could anyone provide me with a graph that includes all common chess openings but to a lesser depth?

opening memorization  
user avatar asked by Einar Score of 26
user avatar answered by Martin Score of 29

How to organize a chess tournament

I want to organize an amateur chess tournament inside the company I work for. I am looking for a convenient way of creating groups, keeping the scores, and getting some statistics. Is there an online ...

online-chess tournament  
user avatar asked by Haralan Dobrev Score of 22
user avatar answered by bryn Score of 9

What is the correct pawn promotion procedure?

This may be a frivolous question, as I believe that most chess players are good sportsmen, but I was wondering: what is the technically correct procedure for promoting a pawn to a queen? Do you ask ...

rules tournament pawn-promotion  
user avatar asked by firtydank Score of 29
user avatar answered by RemcoGerlich Score of 25

Are there mobile chess tutoring/training apps for Android or iPhone?

I'm looking for a Chess tutoring/teaching app that I can dip in and out of on my phone. At the moment I use Shredder Chess to practice when on the move (which basically involves repeating the puzzles ...

software training  
user avatar asked by Totero Score of 34
user avatar answered by AAP Score of 18

What openings are good for the repertoire of a tactical player?

I'm preparing an opening repertoire for a small "open tournament" that will take place in a few weeks. I think I'm quite decent at tactical play, and I like situations that give me the initiative - ...

user avatar asked by javatutorial Score of 37
user avatar answered by Andrew Score of 34

Was there a chess piece—elephant, knight or rook—rendered as a being looking into two directions?

I have found a chess set of unknown origin with ducks as pieces. Simple ducks for pawns, king and queen crowned and big, okay, but then, for rook, knight and bishop, I don't know. There is a duck ...

history pieces unorthodox-pieces  
user avatar asked by Pattmann Score of 18
user avatar answered by Rosie F Score of 15
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