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Top new questions this week:

Why is it not a checkmate?

I am new to chess. I have tried to learn checkmate from the video lesson in chess24 website. There, in one question, it marked my answer wrong and said that it was not checkmate. Can anyone please ...

checkmate online-chess  
asked by Cagnus Marlsen 18 votes
answered by Blunder King 22 votes

Stockfish is considering a move in a book by GM Mihail Marin as a blunder

In the book English opening volume 1 by Mihail Marin at this position [fen "3nrrk1/bppq2p1/p4p1p/2Pp4/1P1P3N/P1BQ2P1/5PKP/4RR2 w - - 2 21"] 1. Qg6 (1. Ng6) He suggests Qg6 whereas ...

analysis theory stockfish books english-opening  
asked by Shreyash Talpade 16 votes
answered by Evargalo 31 votes

Forced mate: 2 queens vs king

On the board, there are 2 queens (of the same color) placed on random squares. The opposing side has only a king, placed on a random square (and not in check). There obviously exists a mating ...

checkmate problems queens  
asked by HariPrasad Poilath 5 votes
answered by TheSimpliFire 12 votes

...Nd8 vs ...Nb8 in the Bogo-Indian

My question relates to lines which in general are covered by Avrukh (2015). However, Avrukh doesn't explain the phenomenon I noticed in the following lines. These lines are classed as Bogo-Indians, ...

asked by user1205901 - Reinstate Monica 5 votes

King+Knight vs King+Pawn checkmate

How is it possible for a King and Knight to checkmate a King and Pawn? I've composed a working position, but I am not sure if this can occur through a series of moves.

checkmate pawn-endgame knight-endgame  
asked by CitrusCornflakes 5 votes
answered by Brian Towers -2 votes

What is the maximum number of checked squares on a board that delivers checkmate without a draw?

I’ve long dreamt of delivering a “super checkmate”. Imagine that as his dying wish, when in checkmate, the king can magically transport himself to any open square on the board. What is the board ...

checkmate problems  
asked by Dan Bron 5 votes
answered by Rewan Demontay 13 votes

What is the name or origin of this opening for Black?

I was playing online, and I noticed some players go for this opening and I don't know its name or if it's a move order to another opening for Black. [fen ""] 1. d4 g6 2. c4 Bg7 3. Nc3 c6 4. ...

opening history  
asked by Guess601 4 votes
answered by CitrusCornflakes 3 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

I was up a piece but could not win. What went wrong?

I lost this game and I am not looking for a computer analysis, but what approach should I have taken instead? The game continued 1. Rxd4 Rb7 2. Rxc4 dxc4 3. a4 b4 4. Bd4 Rd7 5. Bb6 c3 6. Rb1 Rd5 7. ...

strategy planning  
asked by coronavirus stinks 20 votes
answered by lolololol ol 29 votes

What is a good, aggressive response against the Sicilian Defense?

I would like to learn a good response against the Sicilian defense (in your opinion), for both blitz and slower games. I am looking for a more aggressive response, since it fits best my style. ...

opening sicilian-defense  
asked by dreamcrash 20 votes
answered by RemcoGerlich 16 votes

Is chess a sport? If yes, then why?

Sometimes (e.g. at some schools) chess is considered to be a sport. Is chess a sport? I view sport as a physical activity. For instance, if a doctor asks you "Are you doing any sports?" would your ...

history terminology  
asked by otisonoza 14 votes
answered by firtydank 11 votes

How to organize a chess tournament?

I want to organize an amateur chess tournament inside the company I work for. I am looking for a convenient way of creating groups, keeping the scores and getting some statistics. Is there an online ...

online-chess tournament  
asked by Haralan Dobrev 18 votes
answered by bryn 10 votes

How do GMs “play the man, not the board”?

How do GMs "play the man, not the board" as some books say? Would that work for club level players or could they use other methods? Prepared variations? Trash talk? What are the ways one can play the ...

rules strategy tactics psychology  
asked by edwina oliver 8 votes
answered by SubhanKhan 27 votes

In a online game, is it considered good etiquette to offer a draw when the opponent obviously misclicked?

For example, instead of capturing (and therefore exchanging) the queen on d8, white moved his queen from d1 to d7, and black can capture this queen for free. This is very likely the result of a ...

online-chess etiquette  
asked by Zuriel 24 votes
answered by Matsemann 30 votes

King move to other side

During a game of chess, after several moves. Is it an automatic win as soon as you get your king all the way across the board? I was told this is a tournament rule.

endgame rules  
asked by Holly 1 vote
answered by Evargalo 5 votes

Can you answer these questions?

What does Stockfish NNUE mean for Stockfish?

Apparently there was a major update to Stockfish recently such that it gained +50 elo (per regression tests). I'm told that the difference is coming from the new NNUE (efficiently updatable neural ...

engines stockfish  
asked by Allure 1 vote

How Do Table-Driven Move Generators Work In Chess Engines?

How do table-driven move generators work? In the this article from the Chess Programming Wiki, it discusses table-driven move generation as a speed up from normal move generation. I read through it, ...

asked by Tauist 1 vote

Scid vs PC Score Graph

Is it possible to modify the source code to change the display of the score graph so that you are always at the bottom? Currently, the player playing White is always at the bottom.

evaluation scid open-source  
asked by Wins94 1 vote
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