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Baroque/Ultima vs. Chess

Baroque a.k.a. Ultima is a chess variant in which all the pieces except the kings have quite different powers than in regulation chess. They all make non-capturing moves like queens (except the "...

analysis chess-variants  
user avatar asked by bof Score of 3

Understanding UCI Output of Chess Engine - how to get best continuation

I am trying to understand and parse the UCI (Universal Chess Interface) output of a chess engine (here Stockfish 15.1). Specifically, I calling Stockfish with the following command and want to get the ...

engines uci  
user avatar asked by Thomas Score of 1
user avatar answered by Nelson O Score of 0

Is wearing headphones during chess games against the rules in FIDE and

Recently Vladimir Kramnik accused Hikaru Nakamura of cheating in online chess. He Tweeted : "It is impossible to imagine a player to be allowed to wear headphones during a game of chess." Or ...

rules fide cheating nakamura  
user avatar asked by MrChessR Score of 1
user avatar answered by IshA Score of 5

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

I provided water bottle to my opponent, he drank it then lost on time due to the need of using bathroom. Is this unethical?

Many years ago, I was playing in a chess tournament. We had been at the board for at least three hours. My opponent had spent the entire time at the board trying to find good moves. I had the better ...

user avatar asked by Bob Score of 15
user avatar answered by Russell McMahon Score of 6

How should I make a 6 year old think more?

I have been teaching my 6 year old daughter chess for past 2 years. She plays reasonably well. She often defeats level 25 in Chess Lv 100 app and sometimes Level 6 in app. So I am guessing ...

beginner psychology children  
user avatar asked by user3467434 Score of 63
user avatar answered by Evargalo Score of 32

Is chess a sport? If yes, then why?

Sometimes (e.g. at some schools) chess is considered to be a sport. Is chess a sport? I view sport as a physical activity. For instance, if a doctor asks you "Are you doing any sports?" would your ...

history terminology  
user avatar asked by otisonoza Score of 14
user avatar answered by firtydank Score of 13

Is there any free software to automatically analyze and annotate games?

I'm looking for free software that automatically analyzes and annotates chess games (post-mortem), preferably marking blunders, suggesting good alternatives, pointing out missed tactics (forks, pins, ...

software analysis  
user avatar asked by Hugo Sereno Ferreira Score of 42
user avatar answered by Andrew Score of 14

What are the average Elo and USCF ratings?

I'm not sure if there exists an average, but what could be considered an average rating range in these systems?

rating elo uscf  
user avatar asked by chubbycantorset Score of 14
user avatar answered by Andrew Score of 18

A player falls asleep during the game and his friend wakes him -- illegal?

I witnessed this: a player who burnt the candle at both ends fell asleep during the game and his friend woke him up. His opponent vehemently objected. How should this have been handled? I do not ...

user avatar asked by releseabe Score of 22
user avatar answered by Brian Towers Score of 35

What openings are good for the repertoire of a tactical player?

I'm preparing an opening repertoire for a small "open tournament" that will take place in a few weeks. I think I'm quite decent at tactical play, and I like situations that give me the initiative - ...

user avatar asked by javatutorial Score of 38
user avatar answered by Andrew Score of 35
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