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Top new questions this week:

How can we make chess community welcoming to women/girls?

How to make chess community and environments more welcoming to women/girls? Chess is not a sport/game of choice for most women. The following two nice answers discuss why -- one, two. These are ...

clubs women  
asked by Cyriac Antony 31 votes
answered by user929304 43 votes

How is "fianchetto" really pronounced?

I have heard "fianchetto" for four decades now, and I have always pronounced it "fēənˈCHetō", but I have heard many people also pronounce it "fēənˈketō". It is of Italian origin, so I am wondering if ...

terminology fianchetto  
asked by PhishMaster 22 votes
answered by francisco sollima 30 votes

Is blindfold chess bad for the health?

From Wikipedia, While blindfold chess has been recommended in moderation by many sources as a method of increasing one's playing strength, simultaneous blindfold exhibitions were officially ...

asked by Nico Damascus 18 votes
answered by PhishMaster 29 votes

What is a "monster knight"?

I was watching an agadmator video explaining a game between two chess engines, and at one point in the video after a knight move, agadmator talks about how that knight then became "basically a monster ...

positional-play knights  
asked by bpromas 17 votes
answered by Brian Towers 9 votes

Stockfish: What is the maximum (minimum) centipawn score that a position might be evaluated at?

With the exception of checkmate and mate-in-x positions, what is the highest centipawn score that a chess position might obtain upon Stockfish evaluation? This is a practical question because there ...

stockfish evaluation  
asked by BLUC 8 votes
answered by Chromatix 14 votes

Why doesn't white take after 8..c5 in the Grünfeld, Spassky variation?

I was looking through the titular variation and am confused why there are no master games with 9.dxc5. Is it simply because white doesn't want to give up the central pawn, even if they can gain a ...

opening 1.d4 grunfeld-defense spassky  
asked by Derek Allums 8 votes
answered by PhishMaster 19 votes

Are there attempts at creating practical endgame tablebases?

As I understand it, 8-piece endgame tablebases have been in development for many years. The big issue is the sheer number of positions that are possible. Are there any attempts at making a ...

asked by Allure 7 votes
answered by Remellion 15 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Can a rook win against a knight in the endgame?

Suppose we have just a rook and the opponent has just a knight close to his king. Is it possible to win this game theoretically? e.g, in the following position (white to move), is it possible for ...

endgame knights rooks tablebases  
asked by Saeed Amiri 25 votes
answered by Andrew 32 votes

Is chess a sport? If yes, then why?

Sometimes (e.g. at some schools) chess is considered to be a sport. Is chess a sport? I view sport as a physical activity. For instance, if a doctor asks you "Are you doing any sports?" would your ...

history terminology  
asked by otisonoza 14 votes
answered by firtydank 11 votes

King or Queen-Which piece is which?

I recently bought a set of wooden chess pieces, which I liked for its simplicity. I'm not sure, however, which one is supposed to be the king and which one is supposed to be the queen. I would say ...

queens kings identify-this  
asked by Sembei Norimaki 29 votes
answered by Remellion 50 votes

Is it possible to checkmate with knight and king against king?

I would like to clarify two things: Is it possible to checkmate with only a knight and a king against a lone king? What will happen when one side has a king and knight and the other has just a king, ...

rules checkmate draw  
asked by BlueBerry - Vignesh4303 20 votes
answered by Tom Au 30 votes

Arbiter ignored cheating, and I signed the scoresheet. Did I lose my right to object?

I am currently playing in an ELO tournament. Today, while I was playing, my opponent occasionally got up and walked around. At first, I did not care much. Then, I realized that some people were ...

rules tournament cheating  
asked by padawan 41 votes
answered by D M 75 votes

Good openings for a beginner (for white)

I am a beginner in chess and I like to play some of my friends who are basically at the same level. Usually who wins is based on who makes that one amazing (and lucky) move and quite frankly I want to ...

opening beginner  
asked by OmnipresentAbsence 31 votes
answered by dogs10099 16 votes

Why is the Sicilian Defense considered hard to play?

I have been told never to play the Sicilian. It is a very complicated opening that even grandmasters aren't ever able to analyze and play well enough. But why, I ask?

opening sicilian-defense  
asked by alcao758 21 votes
answered by Tony Ennis 23 votes

Can you answer these questions?

Moves per depth in search engines

I have been implementing a chess engine myself and it is playing pretty good but it seems to calculate way too many nodes. I was looking at this post: Stockfish nodes And tested it with my engine. ...

asked by Finn Eggers 2 votes

What happens in the end besides centralization and activity

I'm a little confused about this. I know pawn structure and centralization of the king is essential in the endgame and I also know that activity, especially from the rooks is very important. Playing ...

asked by Marcelo 2 votes
answered by Michael West 0 votes
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