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Petrosian's 9. ... Be7 10. ... Ng8 11. ... Bf8

I am amazed by Petrosian's manoeuvre 9. ... Be7 10. ... Ng8 11. ... Bf8 in the following game: [Title "Benko - Petrosian, Curacao 1962"] [fen ""] [Startply "17"] 1. g3 ...

opening development  
user avatar asked by Zuriel Score of 4
user avatar answered by Brian Towers Score of 5

In the Queen's Gambit Declined, why is 5.e3 so much more popular than 5.Nf3 after 1.d4 d5 2.c4 e6 3.Nc3 Nf6 4.Bg5 Be7?

To me it seems that both moves transpose into each other in almost all lines, so why is e3 so much more popular? Some statistics from the lichess masters database: e3: 3,289 games (72.5%) Nf3: 877 ...

opening queens-gambit-declined  
user avatar asked by Jacob Pavlock Score of 3
user avatar answered by db_max Score of 5

Anti-Tactics Chess Puzzles?

Many websites (such as provide chess tactic puzzles and I am wondering about the value of "anti-tactic" puzzles. By anti-tactic, I mean a position where if I make a careless move, ...

tactics puzzles prophylaxis  
user avatar asked by Zuriel Score of 3
user avatar answered by dlemper Score of 2

In ChessBase, how can I force the deep analysis function to analyze a specific variation?

For example, say I want to run deep analysis on 1.d4, but I'd like to ensure 1.d4 h3 is looked at, how can I achieve this? From the chessbase manual: "Variations that are in the notation at the ...

user avatar asked by Jacob Pavlock Score of 2
user avatar answered by Brian Towers Score of 1

What would be some great books that clarify the positional concepts of the Queen's Indian Defence from the Black side?

I've been looking for some books that explain how to play the Queen's Indian Defence. These books don't have to be recent or anything.

opening books queens-indian  
user avatar asked by Garrett Score of 2
user avatar answered by Andrea Mori Score of 0

Who are the top 10 youngest players to reach a FIDE standard rating of 2200?

In age order of achieving the rating, who are the 10 youngest players to reach 2200 standard FIDE rating? Prag and Karjakin obviously feature, but who else?

rating statistics records  
user avatar asked by Brian Towers Score of 1
user avatar answered by Simon M Score of 2

What are qualitative differences between different engines playstyles and human playstyles?

I remember GM Daniel Naroditsky commented that you can tell that you're playing a computer if you do calculations and none of your plans work because specific moves that were done 3-4 moves ago start ...

engines style super-grandmaster chessmaster  
user avatar asked by alphacapture Score of 1

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How do I analyze my game after playing?

What techniques do you use to analyze your games or other people's games? How much time do you spend on analyzing the game? Are there any tools (electronic or manual, such as a piece of paper) you ...

learning analysis best-practice  
user avatar asked by xaisoft Score of 76
user avatar answered by Andrew Score of 60

With only the King left, how can you get a draw?

Let's say I have only the King left. I've read several rules and posts of people saying there is a limit to the number of moves your opponent has to check mate you in, but there are some ...

rules kings draw  
user avatar asked by Charles Menguy Score of 20
user avatar answered by Tom Au Score of 19

Why aren't there any women super Grandmasters (GMs)?

In chess you don't need to be physically strong. Well, you need some kind of endurance, but is it the real reason why there aren't any super strong women GMs? Yes, I know about Hou Yifan and Judit ...

user avatar asked by Markoff Chainz Score of 32
user avatar answered by StrongBad Score of 46

Why is it illegal to castle with both hands?

I was watching the match between Ian Nepomniachtchi vs Hikaru Nakamura and Nakamura used both hands to castle. Why is it illegal to castle using both hands? What's wrong with that?

rules castling illegal-move  
user avatar asked by tah Score of 95
user avatar answered by Bernat Score of 73

What is the average length of a game of chess?

I hope this is an appropriate question for this site as I've been wanting a reputable answer. Of course the length of games can vary wildly, but what is the expected number of moves until either a ...

statistics database game-length  
user avatar asked by Zong Score of 47
user avatar answered by Andrew Ng Score of 42

How to Verbally Describe Chess Moves?

This may sound incredibly naive, but all the time on T.V, movies, books, etc. People can be heard saying things like "Queen to Rook 5" or like "Knight to King 3" and things like ...

learning history  
user avatar asked by Arammil Score of 18
user avatar answered by dfan Score of 19

Why don’t chess engines use Node.js?

I agree that this might look like a question that Google has the answer to, but I could not find the answer. C++ is a language that many chess engines are built on, like Stockfish and Leela Chess Zero,...

engines software programming chess-ai  
user avatar asked by Varun W. Score of 3
user avatar answered by ScottishTapWater Score of 10
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