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Top new questions this week:

Do chess programmes keep a history of the full board for each move?

I am creating a chess GUI for UCI engine as a hobby. I keep the history of moved positions (e.g., (4,6) -> (4,4) for the pawn in front of the white king moving forward 2 squares) and the type of ...

asked by Damn Vegetables 13 votes
answered by SmallChess 23 votes

Why is 12... d4 a blunder?

I recently played a game featuring the Old Sicilian with a bit of a branch-off. White played 3. Bc4 after 2. Nf3 Nc6, which I don't deal well with. I ended up playing 12... d4, attacking the White ...

analysis middlegame  
asked by randomlurker 5 votes
answered by Nils Lindemann 14 votes

Does the King's Indian Attack need the e5 pawn push to attack on the kingside?

So from what I understand, a kingside attack can be started as long as the centre is closed. I very recently started looking into the King's Indian Attack as an opening for white against the French ...

strategy attack kings-indian-attack kingside  
asked by Matt 5 votes
answered by Hauke Reddmann 10 votes

Most common tactic motifs in the opening phase of chess

On analyzing my games, I found that I usually miss tactics in the opening than during middlegame and endgame. To supplement my study by solving tactical problems based on motifs, it would be helpful ...

opening tactics  
asked by Sathyam 4 votes
answered by Brian Towers 5 votes

Are there any computer vision chess programs which can be used for online games?

I want to play online chess with a real chess board. I learned that lichess can read the opponent's moves out loud, so I don't have to stare at the screen, which is a good start. Now I need a way to ...

asked by Edward 3 votes

Chess in comics

Not sure if this is the right place... I would need no help in compiling a list of chess movies or even chess literature scenes. Comics, though, are a more fleeting medium, and here a list would be ...

asked by Hauke Reddmann 3 votes
answered by A. I. Breveleri 0 votes

What's the point of the Two Knights French?

According to lichess, if Black simply goes 3...Nf6 against the Two Knights Variation, then the main line is 4.e5 Nfd7 5.d4. This is the exact same position as White would have reached if they'd played ...

opening french-defense  
asked by James Ko 2 votes
answered by Nils Lindemann 4 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Are there mobile chess tutoring/training apps for Android or iPhone?

I'm looking for a Chess tutoring/teaching app that I can dip in and out of on my phone. At the moment I use Shredder Chess to practice when on the move (which basically involves repeating the puzzles ...

software training  
asked by Totero 32 votes
answered by AAP 17 votes

How do you checkmate with a rook?

How do you checkmate with a Rook and King versus King? Is there a good and fast method? Can you explain it in a good way? Thanks!

endgame checkmate rooks kings elementary-mates  
asked by Rauan Sagit 18 votes
answered by Wes 29 votes

How many points is each chess piece worth?

I am a beginner at chess; please answer this question for me. How many points is each chess piece worth?

evaluation pieces point-value  
asked by Jethik 40 votes
answered by Rauan Sagit 22 votes

What's a good way to learn opening theory?

I'm a hobbyist chess player and usually play online. While I've seen thousands of great chess games and win a fair number of games online, the one thing that I have struggle with is studying openings. ...

opening study  
asked by Sean Bernardino 32 votes
answered by Tony Ennis 15 votes

Can the king capture his attacker?

Can the king get out of check by capturing his attacker? For example, if the queen comes right in front of the king, can the king capture the queen, or must another piece capture the queen?

rules check kings captures  
asked by kiasha 12 votes
answered by Andrew Ng 24 votes

Can two Kings stand next to each other?

My white King is separated from the Black King by one square (between) which is protected by my white rook. I moved my white King next to the black King putting him in check (from the square ...

rules kings  
asked by user2367 4 votes
answered by Pete Becker 20 votes

Why is the centre of the board considered important in chess?

Yes, we have all heard phrases like 'control the centre'. I would like to know the concrete reason why the centre of the board - in particular the 4 squares - e4, e5, d4, d5, are considered important ...

asked by guru 14 votes
answered by Wes 16 votes

Can you answer this question?

Winning percentage in chess 960 in 2021

Same question as this but now in 2021 and for both computers (no need to answer again for computers, if it's about the same as the answer before, I guess) and humans, and I don't care about sample ...

chess-variants draw statistics chess960  
asked by BCLC 1 vote
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