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Top new questions this week:

Why does Stockfish suggest h4 here?

Analyzing my latest game on, Stockfish says that h4 is the best move here: I followed the line, but I failed to understand the reasoning of this move. Is it for some long-term advantage? ...

analysis tactics stockfish  
asked by DatBoi 12 votes
answered by nyymi 25 votes

Collection of short endgame rules

Are there any resources with a list of short endgame facts and rules ? For instance : "2 connected pawns on the 6th rank always win against a rook" , "rook's pawn results often in a ...

endgame learning  
asked by hexaquark 7 votes
answered by NoseKnowsAll 7 votes

Why is the immediate ...d5 in the 4. d3 Italian not played?

The line may seem suspicious at first, but after a few precise moves (some may say artificial moves) by Black an interesting middlegame position is reached. I did some analysis on my own and probably ...

opening analysis italian-game  
asked by B.Swan 7 votes
answered by nyymi 1 vote

How is c4 the best move in this position?

[FEN "rn2r1k1/pp2qpp1/3b1nbp/2pp4/6PP/1B1PBP2/PPPQNK2/RN2R3 b KQkq - 0 14"] 14... c4 15. dxc4 Nxg4+ I set up the above position in Stockfish and the initial analysis was that c4 was the ...

analysis strategy sacrifice  
asked by Owen Kelvin 3 votes
answered by Evargalo 4 votes

Magic bitboards not speeding up my engine

I'm new to writing chess engines but just recently finished my first program. It ran slowly however so I switched over to bitboards, and now to magic bitboards. I used the chess programming wiki a lot....

engines programming bitboard  
asked by spinosarus123 1 vote
answered by Nihar Karve 0 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

An aggressive opening for Black against 1. e4

I am a novice at chess. I am around 1400-1600 chess rating. I have struggled to find any sound aggressive openings for black against E4. As white I play the Scotch Gambit which I have great success ...

opening theory 1.e4  
asked by Stash 13 votes
answered by RemcoGerlich 14 votes

How are humans good at chess?

It is estimated that the total number of legal positions in chess is somewhere between 10^40 and 10^50. This is of course an enormous number. Computers today with reasonably good chess software can ...

grandmaster game-complexity  
asked by Klangen 28 votes
answered by Kortchnoi 39 votes

Average centipawn loss

I had no incurracies,blunders or mistakes then also my centipawn loss was 48. What is the problem here or I have misunderstood average centipawn loss. You can have a look at that game at lichess. ...

analysis online-chess chess-algorithms lichess  
asked by Amar Shukla 9 votes
answered by user1583209 11 votes

Is it poor sportsmanship to resign immediately after a major blunder early in the game?

In a recent (online) game in which I had black, my opponent played an opening variation with which I was unfamiliar. That, a very aggressive attack, and lack of adequate time to think through my moves ...

resigning sportsmanship  
asked by GreenMatt 29 votes
answered by PhishMaster 67 votes

Is it technically a checkmate if the king is not in check, but all moves will result in check?

In other words, after white's move, black king is not in check. It is now black's move, but any move that black could make results in check. Is this a checkmate? Is there a chess term for this ...

rules terminology kings stalemate  
asked by user2652 13 votes
answered by shivsky 21 votes

How to install stockfish on ubuntu?

Is there an easy guide how to install stockfish on ubuntu? From the main site I can not find any information and github repository does not provide many details. I would really appreciate if someone ...

engines stockfish  
asked by Salvador Dali 28 votes
answered by The Nightman 26 votes

Do you say "good game" after a game in which your opponent played poorly?

Suppose you win a game in a noncompetitive way, when you know your opponent cannot feel good about his play. Maybe he dropped his queen early, to a simple tactic that should have been evident for a ...

asked by Eric Wilson 38 votes
answered by user21820 63 votes
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