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Top new questions this week:

How should one take advantage of the "premove" function on has a function called "premove". When pre-moves are enabled, while it’s the opponent’s turn you can make a move to automatically be played as soon as they make their move. The ...

asked by Zuriel 12 votes
answered by Arthur 14 votes

Initial FIDE rating below floor, what happens?

I'm curious to know what happens in the following scenario: I play a Swiss tournament and meet 3 rated players, I score at least half point but do badly overall. Then I play another Swiss tournament ...

tournament rating fide elo otb-chess  
asked by Anonymous 5 votes
answered by Brian Towers 7 votes

Non-Standard Knight Development

From its starting square, a knight has 3 legal moves: The “standard” one (c3, f3, c6, f6), the “weird” one (a3, h3, a6, h6) and the “other” one (d2, e2, d7, e7). In my games, I almost always do the ...

opening knights  
asked by DongKy 3 votes
answered by Brian Towers 9 votes

Chess GUI for analysing Chaturanga?

I found chaturanga playing online at, and I love playing it, but I would also like to play my games on a GUI and analyze it with an engine, there is some GUI out there for chaturanga (or at ...

engines chess-variants  
asked by catur2020 3 votes

How to prepare opening for correspondence thematic tournament

I like to play correspondence thematic tournaments as a way to practice/learn new openings/variations. Since they are unrated, I sometimes try wild/unusual moves to see what happens. However, I was ...

opening tournament correspondence-chess preparation  
asked by lodebari 3 votes
answered by Inertial Ignorance 2 votes

Tablebases say this position is drawn, but Stockfish disagrees-What does that mean?

Today I found myself in the below position as black (me to play). My gut told me it should be a draw, but as my opponent and I are both fairly weak there was a significant chance one of us would ...

analysis endgame draw tablebases  
asked by Darren H 1 vote
answered by Inertial Ignorance 2 votes

running stockfish with docker and docker-compose

I have access to a powerful computer at work so naturally I want to run a chess engine on it (stockfish for now and later leela). I am trying to use docker-compose to link a stockfish image and a ...

software stockfish programming python  
asked by nak3c 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Why does Stockfish undervalue pawns when compared to the classical "a piece is worth three pawns" approach?

I was taking a look at values engines give to pawns and piece and was quite shocked by Stockfish values for middlegame (Mg): PawnValueMg = 128 KnightValueMg = 721 ~ 5.6 pawns BishopValueMg = 825 ~ ...

engines stockfish evaluation pieces point-value  
asked by emdio 30 votes
answered by user1583209 48 votes

Game ended with a handshake

In a amateur game, black offered a handshake and white shook hands with him and neither spoke any word and the game ended. Later they had a dispute whether the game is a draw or a win for white. Black ...

rules draw etiquette resigning winning  
asked by Zuriel 32 votes
answered by Annatar 45 votes

An aggressive opening for Black against 1. e4

I am a novice at chess. I am around 1400-1600 chess rating. I have struggled to find any sound aggressive openings for black against E4. As white I play the Scotch Gambit which I have great success ...

opening theory 1.e4  
asked by Stash 12 votes
answered by RemcoGerlich 13 votes

Can a player resign after checkmating their opponent?

A friend of mine recently told me that once, he checkmated his opponent and then immediately resigned, because he thought his win unfair. This happened in a FIDE-rated tournament. Searching the FIDE ...

rules checkmate resigning loopholes  
asked by double-beep 16 votes
answered by Glorfindel 30 votes

How often do grandmasters miss checkmate?

Although top players are extremely good at finding checkmate, the number of permutations of moves in just 3 moves can be hundreds of thousands, and the farther out the possible mate (e.g. mate in 4, ...

engines checkmate statistics grandmaster  
asked by stevec 19 votes
answered by Savage47 24 votes

Opening tree graph

I found this tree and found it an excellent visualisation: Could anyone provide me with a graph that includes all common chess openings but to a lesser depth?

opening memorization  
asked by Einar 15 votes
answered by Martin 15 votes

Win the game by just moving king?

How short can a game be in which (after the first move) one player moves only his King, and yet checkmates their opponent? (Assume that the players co-operate: i.e. this is a kind of "helpmate". This ...

checkmate problems  
asked by Laska 42 votes
answered by Evargalo 45 votes
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