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Top new questions this week:

Can one side force a loss in regular chess?

Chess is unsolved, so there is no known optimal strategy for one side to force a win or a draw. However, is there an optimal strategy to lose? Consider a variant where checkmate results in a loss, ...

asked by Victor 10 votes
answered by pulsar512b 8 votes

Why is Ne2 better than Nf3?

I played Nf3 for attacking on king side which is about to castle having some plans to make a battery in future after castling but I feel Ne2 is making a block for Re1 at some point. Any suggestions? ...

learning problems positional-play knights  
asked by Shreyash Talpade 7 votes
answered by BlindKungFuMaster 7 votes

Positions that stump engines

Chess engines are so strong that it is becoming increasingly hard to find positions that they are demonstrably evaluating incorrectly. I'm interested in collecting examples—if there are ...

engines problems  
asked by Timothy Chow 7 votes
answered by Allure 4 votes

Why, in this Capablanca game, was this move considered bad?

Regarding this position: [fen "r2qr1k/pbpn1pbp/1p1p1np1/4p3/1PP5/3P1NP1/PBQNPPBP/R2R2K1 w - - 1 1"] I have 2 questions: 1)If the game goes 1..c5 2.b5 the engine shows white slightly better but if ...

engines strategy middlegame capablanca reti-opening  
asked by bretlee 7 votes
answered by Kortchnoi 5 votes

How to correct reversed game notation?

My son and I are rank chess amateurs, and we wanted to play our first "real" game where we keep track of moves to analyze later. We started the game but then realized that the board was reversed ...

asked by Haydentech 6 votes
answered by Brian Towers 10 votes

What is the typical move prediction accuracy of human chess grandmasters?

I couldn't find any data about the percentage of moves that a typical human grandmaster would be able to predict in games of other human grandmasters. To clarify my definition of accuracy: The ...

rating statistics grandmaster  
asked by user2845840 6 votes

The best chess websites or apps to play on

I am a beginner. Is there any place where I can play online and improve my game? I know of sites like but unfortunately you have to pay for them. My parents won't allow me to spend money on ...

online-chess beginner online websites  
asked by Bitthal Maheshwari 6 votes
answered by Joe 11 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How to make a 6 year old think more?

I have been teaching my 6 year old daughter chess for past 2 years. She plays reasonably well. She often defeats level 25 in Chess Lv 100 app and sometimes Level 6 in app. So I am guessing ...

beginner psychology  
asked by user3467434 46 votes
answered by Evargalo 22 votes

What's the etiquette for giving checkmate on board?

I wonder what is considered to be a polite way of giving mate on board. Should one announce the checkmate? If so, should one press the clock after making the move, or stop it, or simply do nothing? ...

checkmate etiquette otb-chess  
asked by Kostya_I 17 votes
answered by PhishMaster 24 votes

Is it possible to checkmate with knight and king against king?

I would like to clarify two things: Is it possible to checkmate with only a knight and a king against a lone king? What will happen when one side has a king and knight and the other has just a king, ...

rules checkmate draw  
asked by BlueBerry - Vignesh4303 20 votes
answered by Tom Au 30 votes

Opening tree graph

I found this tree and found it an excellent visualisation: Could anyone provide me with a graph that includes all common chess openings but to a lesser depth?

opening memorization  
asked by Einar 15 votes
answered by Martin 15 votes

Why is chess failing to attract big name sponsors?

Despite all the efforts that chess professionals put to the game the majority of them cannot make a living out of chess. Only 4 or 5 super grandmasters across the world have been able to make a few ...

tournament fide  
asked by Phemelo Khetho 27 votes
answered by Cell 33 votes

What is right way to set up King & Queen In the beginning of game?

I know this is very basic question, but I just started playing and want to know. How do you set up king and queen the right way? Heading I generally get confused between the King and Queen and what ...

rules learning pieces  
asked by jeanstevens 18 votes
answered by PhishMaster 18 votes

Is it beneficial to play chess against yourself?

I tried it when I first learned chess, and it was fascinating, because I had no ideas about strategy or tactics. But now that I have some experience, it seems pointless, as I know what my "opponent" ...

asked by chubbycantorset 22 votes
answered by ETD 21 votes

Can you answer these questions?

Suggestion for blindfold exercises

I can know name the color of any square.So any suggestions for some other visualization exercises I can do to improve my blindfold chess?

calculation blindfold-chess visualization  
asked by bretlee 1 vote

One board tournament

I work at a public library and we used to offer a monthly chess night, which is on hold right now due to lockdown regulations. We are planning to offer a small garden chess tournament outside the ...

asked by bookshelfninja 2 votes

Does some GM or notable coach consistently employ "hand and brain" as a teaching tool?

I've seen some streamers do what they call "hand and brain", meaning that one person plays while the other chooses the kind of piece that they must move. All cases I've seen were intended for having ...

learning grandmaster teaching  
asked by Aloizio Macedo 4 votes
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