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I am building a chess website ( and would like to get input from the chess community and raise awareness. I've been out of the loop for a few years, ever since I stopped playing seriously, and don't really know what the most popular chess websites are anymore. ChessNinja seems to have fallen off completely, while has gotten much more serious and chesstempo is more well known than that emrald site that everybody used to use.

What are the most popular chess community websites?

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In no order of priority:

  • is relatively new to the scene, but they have Pogolina on board who will definitely pull in the traffic

  • Chessbase News is really a chess product site masquerading as a news site, but they cannot be disregarded. They have relay services on their playing server (similar to ICC and FICS), but here we will limit discussion to the onsite features only

  • Chess in Translation is an initiative by mishanp to offer translation of Russian content (particularly juicy commentary by Shipov of

  • WhyChess is known for its live relays (probably the most feature-complete at time of writing, and have been used at several official events) but they have expanded into news and blogs as well.

  • ChessBomb is a relay and playing site getting constant plugs from Susan Polgar.

  • Chess Games Database and Community (and frogbert) probably needs no explanation.

  • ChessOK is a product and relay site, probably the first to integrate full Rybka (now Houdini) evaluations into its relays. The interface is not as fanciful as WhyChess but is clean and good.

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Another one would be – Landei Oct 1 '12 at 11:03

Obviously Chessbase News is another fairly active chess news site.

Chess Cafe has been around forever, though I haven't really checked it out recently.

The Week in Chess is another good one.

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  • is building a decent following of users with a very appealing interface, albeit a web one. It has drawn a number of IMs, FMs, NMs and one or two GMs. Oh yeah, it's free too.
  • TWIC, of course, as mentioned above, especially for it's live PGN files.
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FICS ( - The best free chess server. Here the highlight is, everytime there is a major (or even minor) event games going on, there is a feature for observers to "kibitz" when the game is in progress. Its really an awesome feature. Also there is a guess the next move bot, which records guesses by observers and makes it all the more interesting. There are at least 10 other features that NONE of the modern chess sites (like, etc.,) have.

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